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Helping children and families for more than 25 years

Our passion is to help your child succeed!

Welcome to SMALL TALK Speech and Language Therapy, INC. in Los Angeles, California! SMALL TALK is a Pediatric Speech Therapy practice that has been helping children and their families in the greater Los Angeles Area for over 25 years. We are dedicated to helping children successfully improve their oral-motor, feeding, speech and language challenges.

SMALL TALK provides a safe, warm, fun and loving environment for your child. Our therapists are passionate about working with children and helping children succeed.

The ability to communicate effectively is critical in so many areas of children's lives. It is the foundation for relationships with other people, and is also a primary tool for learning and a key to success in school. The first five years of life are an extremely crucial time in children's development; the first 3 years are especially crucial for language development.

Parents who have concerns about their child's language development are often told by well-meaning family members, and even medical professionals, "don't worry about it, she'll grow out of it" or "he'll talk when he's ready". However, children who are truly struggling with speech and language development have better outcomes when these issues are treated early.

If you are concerned about your child’s feeding skills, their ability to make themselves understood (articulate sounds/words), their lack of or the way they express themselves verbally, their ability to follow directions and/or their understanding of what's said to them, don't hesitate to contact us at SMALL TALK.

Getting Started​

When you contact SMALL TALK you will speak personally with Dinneen Kaber, founder and senior clinician. She will discuss concerns you have about your child, gather specific information and answer your questions.

Together, you and Dinneen will determine the next steps in your child’s care. Options may range from a referral to another agency or professional, specific suggestions for you to try with your child and a request to “call back” in a set period of time, to an in person screening or formal speech and language evaluation for your child.

It is important to know and remember that YOU know your child best and are an important (the MOST important) team member when it comes to caring for and making the best choices for your child.

All of us at SMALL TALK are looking forward to helping you and your child as best as we can.

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